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I work with women to get their music industry thing done, follow their hearts, make a difference and create as much joy, grace and ease as they can handle.

Are you ready to start creating your music business or career on your own terms, according to your deepest longings and heart felt values?  Are you ready to feel at home, safe and at your best in the music business so that you can blaze your trail and serve your fans, clients or community with exactly what you want to give?

Do you want to stop wondering how you’re going to get control of your life and work in the ever changing world of the new music business – and fulfil your dreams and ambitions gracefully?

You’re in the right place!

There has never been a better time to step into your power and bring about the vision that you wish to see in the world and at the same time create the lifestyle you desire.

DIY isn’t just for artists.  There has never been a better time for you to define it, design it and do it exactly how you want to do it in the music business.  It’s no accident that you are here, in this music industry, now.  You were made for these times.

However, it’s impossible to make the impact you know you’re here to make when you’re struggling to find your place or your balance in this, by turns, fascinating and fierce, flirty and fickle  industry. Or if you’re giving so much to your clients, community, family or fans that there’s nothing left for YOU.

You are meant to do fantastic work, collaborate with amazing people, be phenomenally successful… on YOUR terms!

And you can – when you:

  • own your true self – your passions, your gifts, your strengths and your values
  • have a crystal clear vision of what you are creating and why it’s important to you
  • understand what the right strategies and practices are for your creating anything (they aren’t the same for everyone, and using the wrong ones feels like you’re trying to row up-stream)
  • stop trying to guess or intellectually asses how to work with the mercurial ways of the music business and start to trust your intuition instead
  • master the joyful process of taking inspired action
  • know how to sort through the myths and stories that lead us to play small in the industry so you can create on your own terms
  • create your ideal working relationships and environment so you can get the support you need to really thrive in every way – in your business and beyond
  • find your perfect way of working as a woman in a masculine environment
  • learn to expect miracles, large and small, as an every day occurrence in your life
  • trust that you already are and already have everything you need to create the projects, business or career you desire – so that you aren’t always waiting for things to be different, get better or for that elusive “right moment” to start doing your thing with real joy, grace and ease

If you’re ready to do your music thing with added joy, grace and ease, the first step is for us to have a chat – and the best way for us to do that (so that it’s time well spent – useful, informative and inspiring) is for us to schedule a 30 minute “Find Your Music Vision” Discovery Session.  

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