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About Tamara

Intuitive Coaching for Creatives and Changemakers

I help creatives, freelancers and changemakers to build long lasting and joyful careers.

I coach using intuition, a tool that you can turn to throughout your career to help you find space, make big moves and earn the money you deserve.

Intuitive Coaching

I have been coaching people in the creative industries, predominantly music, to develop and sustain careers that support their creativity, their financial freedom and their resilience for 18 years.

When I realised the two most inspired and lucrative decisions I ever made in my professional life were both made out of intuitive left field, I decided to pay better attention to my intuition. Then I started to help my clients to tap into their intuition and act on it – with similar results. Namely:

income leaps
productivity boosts
shifts in international visibility
high level collaborations
opportunities to make a difference in the world.

Intuition is an efficient tool in navigating a career in an unpredictable industry like Music. It allows you to get out of overwhelm, information overload, start earning your worth and develop your career with joy, truth and resilience at the heart of it.



A Long and Joyful Career


People who have successful and long careers in the creative or changemaking industries have some key things in common.


To create a joyful career you need:

a clear vision of who you are and who you’re destined to become

a network of collaborators and connections that you build with longevity in mind

clear financial goals and a strategy to achieve them

the self-knowledge and strategies to manage the ups and downs of a life in these indu

I have worked with indie artists, label artists, former label artists, reality tv contestants, managers, producers, CEOs and executives of music organisations, music lawyers, PRs and freelancers of all kinds. I have helped them to create vision, foster networks and clarify their financial goals in the most joyful way possible.

I mostly works with people mid-career who have had some success (maybe signed to or employed by a label or have built their own thing) and are now ready to forge their own or bigger opportunities. They have created a life with music (or creativity) at the heart of it and are set on discovering and trusting their own way of doing things.

In the UK I has worked with clients from EMI and Warner Chappell, with industry bodies like the Music Publishers Association and PRS Foundation and Help Musician UK. I have worked with clients from and spoken at conferences in the USA, the Nordic and Baltic countries and beyond. Due to my success at working with artists within the music industry, word has travelled and I have had great experiences helping creatives in other industries such as photography, film and media.

It’s my great privilege to help my clients create a sense of resilience, connection, ease and freedom (be that creative, financial, mental…) so they can enjoy long lasting and joyful careers in this awesome but challenging industry.


Book a Complimentary Discovery Session

A discovery session gives you a free 45 minutes of one to one time with Tamara to discuss your career, your coaching needs and what would be a suitable bespoke coaching option for you.

I have had the pleasure of working with

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