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We Transform in the Dark
20th - 26th January 2024
Hvammsvik, Iceland

A retreat to welcome the dark and soothe the senses.

"Approaching in the dark, the windows of the hundred year old farmhouse are illuminated, the lights, intentionally left on. 


This is a place that is attuned to the dark."

 We are always trying to run from the dark. We try to push and power our way through winter darkness with string lights and candles and winter sun holidays.


But like intuition, winter darkness is not about powering through, pushing or forcing. The dark is a place of incredible intuitive power.  


Whilst we grow in the light, we transform in the dark. 

When you get caught up in repeated behaviour, underearning or not getting your projects finished; knowing you're not leveling up. When that happens, when that’s a repeated pattern, it’s probably your unconscious creating an emotional payoff.


Frustration, fear, powerlessness. Surrendering to your unconscious does not, ironically, create more of those issues.


It gives you the power to work with them.


Using water and deep winter we will start to accept the dark and our unconscious alike, transforming in it and stepping into a year where we can create effortlessness and joy. 

In soft winter light in a 100 year old farm house in Iceland, I will be once again welcoming darkness, the unconcious and working with the sides of ourselves we deny.

We Transform in the Dark


“My experience in Iceland has stayed with me. It’s interesting because although I left the retreat with a deep feeling of being more grounded, the tangible impact of the work I did there has manifested itself slowly, but consistently."

"I didn’t leave Iceland with any kind of to-do list, but it seems that what I did leave there with was a deeper energy shift."

We Transform in the Dark 2023 feedback

Hvammsvik Hot Spring, Iceland - 20th January 2024 - 26th January 2024

Where have you struggled with intuition? Hearing it? Trusting it? Acting on it?

Together we will see where we have stumbling blocks to taking inspired action.

Career Serenity

Water is a shortcut to intuition. In Iceland, we will start to accept the dark and our unconscious alike, transforming in it and stepping into a year career serenity. In the dark is where we can start to see our unconscious for what it is: an ally, a resource and a key to unlock acceptance of the things that make us uniquely and compellingly us.

For a limited time the full retreat is available for £3,750 (full price - £5,000). Please contact me for more information or to arrange a payment schedule.

If you would like to join me in 2024 or would like to receive more information via email, please fill out the contact form linked below.

PS: The magical hot spring at Hvammsvik has very deservedly been included in TimeOut's "23 Best Things To Do In The World in 2023" list. 

We Transform in the Dark Includes

*does not include travel to or from Iceland

"Just don't it - every cent you spend on it will come back to you in shapes you cannot even imagine"

We Transform in the Dark 2023 feedback

Early Bird

Book now to secure your place and receive the full package for an investment of £3,750 (full price £5,000)

Email me to book or for more information.

Payment scheduling options available

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