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Deep work needs space, support and dedicated time. 

To let go of what is no longer serving you, to plan intuitively, or to simply get truly clear about what's next you need to get away. 

I run retreats throughout the year as stand alone trips or as part of a broader, year long programme to truly move past narratives and behaviours that have been holding you back. These might be stories like "I never have enough time to do my passion project." "I want to work in a creative sector but how will I earn enough?". Self doubt and busy work that do not serve you and are not yours to be done. 

These retreats bring small groups together in settings that allow you to create a relationship with your intuition that will support you throughout your career and wider life. 



Come with me to Iceland for five days in January, the depths of winter and the depths of darkness. Using water and the dark we will start to accept the dark and our unconscious alike, transforming in it and stepping into a year of effortlessness, growth and joy. In the dark is where we can start to see our unconscious for what it is: an ally, a resource and a key to unlock acceptance of the things that make us uniquely and compellingly us.



Bali is a place of lush, feminine beauty. People are drawn here to find something. Travelling to Bali we will claim our desires and allowing our gifts to be seen. This is where we find out truest selves. This is where we take care of ourselves, discovering what is ours to be done. 

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