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Industry and Organisations

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Workshops, bespoke programmes and executive training.

A functioning team is one that understand themselves and each other. Using DISC profiling as a jumping off point, I provide bespoke training to organisations across the creative sector, giving them a  better understanding of personality and particularly communication styles and how to use that information to  communicate effectively and efficiently with others.


Understanding how your team appear at work, their strengths and value to each other and the organisation, will enhance their effectiveness while minimizing disruptions caused by miscommunications or unresolved conflicts. 

If you are looking for workshops, executive training or besoke programmes, please reach out.

Coaching and retreats for creative duos

Collaboration is one of my core values. I understand the importance of a collaborative relationship for both business and creativity. Putting aside time to nurture this relationship is will increase its longevity, fostering sustainable growth and creative output. Simply put, it will allow it to flourish.

If you and your business partner or a collaborator are stepping into an important project,please reach out to discuss how I can support you.

Music Leaders Network


Music Leaders Network is a transformative coaching programme for mid-career women in the music industry that I co-founded with Remi Harris MBE. Initially created as a leadership coaching programme for Brighter Sounds, this network of women continues to grow with participants from PPL and September Management as well as freelannce artists and changemakers.

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