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We Grow in the Light

A retreat to grow into your intuition in Bali

I always used to be slightly forlorn in a corner of my heart after midsummer because I knew it was getting darker. I felt the winter darkness was...effortful.

 We are always trying to run from the dark. We try to push and power our way through winter darkness with string lights and candles and winter sun holidays. But like intuition, winter darkness is not about powering through, pushing or forcing. The dark is a place of incredible intuitive power.  Falling in love with the dark makes room to hone our intuition, to be ready and willing to accept our truths and allow our desires.  

Whilst we grow in the light, we transform in the dark. Transforming our relationship with winter, with the dark, with our unconscious holds a key to unlocking incredible intuitive power.


If we don’t surrender to the dark, we cannot grow fully in the light.

In January, in the depths of Icelandic winter, over the course of five days, I will be welcoming the dark.

I invite you to welcome the dark with me. The setting for this deep work is a beautiful hot spring, 45 minutes from Reykjavik.

Using water and the dark we will start to accept the dark and our unconscious alike, transforming in it and stepping into a year of effortlessness, growth and joy. In the dark is where we can start to see our unconscious for what it is: an ally, a resource and a key to unlock acceptance of the things that make us uniquely and compellingly us.

If you would like to join me or would like more information, fill out the contact form by clicking below.

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