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Blue Water


The best support tool any of us possess is our intuition.  


It costs nothing, is constantly with us, never goes on holiday, is happy to work weekends and in the middle of the night.  It will never judge us and always believes in the very best version of us. Not to forget, and this is the best part for my money, it has all the groovy short cuts.  I have never found a more efficient way to get anything done than to ask my intuition what is mine to be done about this desire or situation.

Getting to trust and be supported by your intution can take time and practice. I run a number of UK based, Online and International programmes. All these programmes are different but they all have intution at their heart. They are about allowing.  About taking half a step to your left to get out of your own way.


Swimming Pool

Wisdom and Water,
City of Bath

​​A full day of coaching in the beautiful city of Bath, finishing in the ancient Cross Bath, a sacred spring in Roman times dedicated to the goddess Sulis Minerva - a goddess of Wisdom.

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