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Sometimes to do the deep work; to let go of what is no longer serving you, to plan intuitively, or to simply get truly clear about what's next you need to get away. 

Sometimes to do the deep work with grace it helps  not to do it alone.  

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Come away with me?

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April 2022

This is a land in which to find balance.  It offers both glacier ice and volcanic fire.  It is the home of the uber-masculine Viking Sagas whilst also being the most feminist country in the world.

And the water it gifts us for doing  visioning and releasing work is glorious.  Breath-taking lagoons, cosy thermal springs or the clearest water on the planet at Silfra. 

Come to Iceland for a retreat rooted in clarity, balance and water-gifted intuitive breakthroughs. 


June 2022

"Whether you realize it or not, when you arrive in Ibiza you are usually there for some sort of energy release and the island can be a place of inspiration, blissful activity and stunning synchronicity."  Laura Grier 



A retreat in Bali is rooted in the sacred feminine, lush abundance and serenity. 

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