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That One Thing That Won't Go Away - Intuition and "the One Thing"

Some people arrive at a Discovery Session with me knowing it’s time to get the one thing done. Perfect! We can get to work. But others come because something is off or stuck or blocked and they aren’t happy in what used to be their dream career and they aren’t sure how to fix it. To these clients I often talk about “The One Thing”. That thing that just keeps coming back up. When I ask them about it, I get a blink of recognition followed by, “oh well, I’ve always had this one idea, I mean it’s a bit crazy/big/random/terrifying,”

The “One Thing” comes up.

A lot.

The knowledge, deep down that there is just One Thing.

Throughout my twenty year career without exception the biggest leaps or strokes of luck (intuition gifted “luck”) that have ever happened to me are things that happened when I trusted and just did the one thing I was guided to do. One email to start my international speaking career. I had to wait three months to see the magic that one email had worked but there was only one of it required. One phone call to start my coaching retreat career.

So back to my stuck person in the Discovery Session… the one who has always had a crazy idea. When they say “oh well, I’ve always had this one idea, I mean it’s a bit crazy/big/random/terrifying,” I always smile because in the end even if it isn’t that idea itself, it’s an offshoot of that idea or something catalysed by exploring that idea that ends up being the thing that transforms that individual’s relationship with their career and has them fall back in love with it.

When clients come to find me they so often have one thing that they know they need to do, make happen or transform that just won’t leave them be. A project that, much as they’ve never quite been able to make it happen, yet, it won’t stop nudging them, won’t do the decent thing and be quiet and go away. An idea for a career progression or transformation that feels anywhere from surprising to terrifying but refuses to stop popping up year after year like a meerkat in the Kalahari.

That little nudge, that never-stopped-knocking idea?

That thing that is a bit crazy/big/random/terrifying?

That was always intuition.

In its own mysterious way, intuition makes sure that when we are ready to grow or change or transform our creative work. the key is already in our hand, ready to unlock the creativity, abundance or joy to follow.

A window in the background of a dark room. Through it you can see the hills of Iceland with snow on them and some scrubby grass.

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