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The Water Shortcut

When we float it embodies the support so many of us long for but can’t seem to allow in.  Because in water - that physical pressure against our skin when immersed causes hormones to be released in our brain that mimic meditation.  And in so doing can reduce anxious energy. Anxiety is like noise cancelling headphones to our intuition.  It’s a frequency that means we can’t hear intuition properly, if at all.  Water will accept our stress, fear, anxiety, impatience, frustration.  It envelops us without judgement.  We can release that which is not serving us and leave it in the water.  Water, without judgement will accept whatever we release simply as energy and allow us to emerge from the water lighter and better attuned to our truth and our intuition.  In this energy we listen and we create and we decide what we are claiming for ourselves in the coming year or years. We allow.

What is the Water Shortcut?

The Water Shortcut is a a one day VIP face to face coaching session that uses water and flotation to help you access your intuition.


This session is followed by two zoom coaching sessions to continue your coaching support.

The coaching session can be booked for any time but is not available in August or January. 



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