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We Grow in the Light

A retreat to grow into your intuition in Bali

Relax into what is yours to be done.

Connecting to our joy in Bali's warmth and light and abundant water we can tap our intution, and begin to claim our desires and allow our gifts to flourish and be seen.


Even the ones we fear.


This is where we find and embrace our truest self. Where we practice taking the best care of that self and in so doing, allow ourselves to see what is now ours to be done, so we can manifest or call up miracles in support of our best life


In vivid colour and light, find what is yours to be done and leave the rest.

Perhaps you feel like you are constantly running and staying still, that whatever you know if right for you is just out of reach. 

It's time for you to embrace effortlessness.

The retreat to Bali is one of my smallest groups. This allows us to have plenty of time to relax into the atmosphere, to find what we need and support ourselves and our intuition. Because of the bespoke nature of this retreat, places tend to fill quickly. Fill out the contact form below to register your interest or find out more.

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