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Creating Long and Joyful Careers

I have spent 20 years helping mid-career creators and those who work in the creative industries to create more joy, money and freedom. 

I predominantly work with people in music, photography and film (creators and folk behind the scenes) as well as with change-makers.  I love supporting those who thrive at the intersection of creating work and making a difference. 

I work with women and heart-led men.  It's my absolute joy to work with every letter of the LGBTQIA+ community and people of colour.
I have had the privilege to work with extraordinary creators and industry executives; BAFTA, Grammy, Ivor Novello, Women In Live Music awards winners and those recognised in the Queen's Honours list for services to their creative industry and with clients from 4 continents.

Along with Remi Harris MBE, I established Music Leaders Network - an innovative leadership programme and network for women across the music industry.

I am availble for one to one coaching, industry workshops and small, bespoke retreats. My annual retreat to Iceland "We Transform in the Dark" is available to book now.

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I have had the pleasure of working with


Is this you?

Why people come to me for coaching.


What has surprised me about coaching with Tamara is that coaching in fact is fun. Never before I trusted coaching. Really.


The biggest success I’ve had since starting coaching is I actually made my first film and was shown on national television. I now feel more secure about my future and have found peace in my creative self again.

Michael Genin, Documentary Film-maker

Since working with Tamara I feel like everything is falling into place with no effort. The focus on developing and trusting my intuition has led to me making good decisions.  They are not always easy decisions but now I have courage to really trust my inner voice.

Saara Aalto, Singer and Songwriter

Tamara helped me to take the steps I was afraid to take, and it made my self-belief stronger. Somehow it made my vision clearer and gave me a sense of calmness about my decisions.

Eivør Palsdottir, Singer and Songwriter

Tamara always seemed to find an easy and effortless answer to problems I have had for months or even years. And even better, now, I have learned to solve such problems by myself. I absolutely recommend Tamara's coaching to everyone who is ready to have a new and relaxed creative working career.  I didn't know I could have one until I got it.

Music Manager

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