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Tamara Gal-On

Creative Industries and Intuition Coaching 

International Speaker - Writer 


I help mid-career creators and those who work in the creative industries to create more joy, money and freedom. 

I predominantly work with folk in music, photography and film as well as with change-makers .  I love supporting creators who thrive at the intersection of creating work and making a difference. 

I work with women, heart led men and those from marginalised groups.

I have had the privilege to work with BAFTA and Grammy Award winners, those recoginsed in the Queen's Honours list for services to their creative industry and with clients from 4 continents. 


Is this you?

Why people come to me for coaching.




Since working with Tamara i feel like everything is falling into place with no effort. The focus on developing and trusting my intuition has led to me making good decisions.  They are not always easy decisions but now I have courage to really trust my inner voice.

Saara Aalto, Singer and Songwriter