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Wisdom and Water: Money Serenity and Self-Worth Day Retreat
18th September 2024

Become serene about money, unshakeable in your self-worth and claiming what you want in your career.

Let's become unshakeable
Are you ready to achieve money serenity?

Are you ready to become the kind of woman who knows she deserves it?
To the change-makers...

The women in film, photography and music who are ready to properly value your time, your expertise and your work. Who are ready to be able to consistently look at your bank account and feel you feel safe, spacious, and a little glowy at the sum of money in there…

To do that you will need to be committed to knowing then asking for the amount your work and your projects and the impact they make are worth.
Swimming Pool
What's NOT working?
Why are you not asking for what you know you’re worth?

Why do you panic when you think about asking for a raise?

Why can’t you confidently state your price?

You are not the problem.
The problem is that so much of your chosen industry is set up to undermine confidence in how you value and price your work.  From the outset.

It’s male dominated, jobs for the boys is absolutely a thing. 

It’s long hours normalising, hustle culture worshipping which impacts us right from the start of our careers where our first work is almost always crazy long hours which are badly or even totally unpaid.
Swimming Pool
Is this you?
  • You’re paralysed when someone asks you “how much does that cost?” 
  • You end up asking for different amounts for every project, adjusting your cost to perceived expectations
  • You lowball yourself for fear of having projects or proposals rejecting, thinking there’s so much competition someone else is bound to do it more cheaply. 

    Even for the folk working a so called 9 to 5:

  • You move jobs rather than ask for a raise 
  • You don’t know how to demonstrate your value, the value of your work or why your work is worth the amount you KNOW IT IS WORTH
  • You cost yourself by comparison, by how many years you’ve been working or by the size of the project and not on how valuable you actually are

Join me in Bath for Wisdom and Water: Money Serenity and Self-Worth Day Retreat

18th September 2024 

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I believe fundamentally…that a human being's value is infinite.
In every metric of value.   

But in the world of work we express that value for what we do or deliver using money.  

Here is what I know

I know it is absolutely possible for you to feel secure or free or joyful around your work and money.

I know that you can tackle any negative stories or self-talk that are stopping you from stating your worth. 

And I know that you can nurture your self-trust and sense of deserving such that you KNOW that come what may, whatever the typical creative industry ups and downs, you will STAY safe. 


Here is how I know
I have seen it many times…

I have coached creative people for over 20 years. I have seen people constantly undervalue themselves and their work, believing that they could never ask for the sums of money that they KNOW they should. 
Scared to say:
“This is what I do and this is what it’s worth”.  

I now help people achieve money serenity, reframing their own stories about themselves and their work so that they can earn exactly what they should doing work they love.

They go from avoiding talking about money, avoiding asking for what their worth to knowing their value and being confidently able to ask for it, over and over again. 
"By that point, I had confidence that whenever I worked with you, I was going to increase my income."

Rachel Collinson, The Donor Whisper

Ways you've tried to fix your problem
Perhaps you’ve tried
  • Basing your pricing on other people
  • Going for the “market rate”
  • Benchmarking yourself against others

    and still managed to undervalue yourself. 
Maybe you’ve tried to have “good” or “clean” money habits and got lost in the details of incomings and outgoings till your head spun. 
And you still find yourself worrying about how you are going to price things.
Or worse, knowing you undervalued yourself for the amount of work you just put into a job or project and can’t see how to stop the cycle.
That’s why this edition of Wisdom and Water is all about getting to feel serene with money. 
Water is a shortcut to accessing intuition.  To knowing what is yours to be done. I have used water to help people overcome long held stories and beliefs about money, their value and their earnings for years. 

Wisdom and Water: Money Serenity and Self-Worth Day Retreat

18th September 2024

Swimming Pool
How you will reach money serenity
We’re going to look at your money stories and unhelpful beliefs and reframe them.
Whether that’s about income for you or valuing the projects you’re working on. 
We’re going to explore what serenity money would look like for you and what your “money serenity” number is. 
Money gets so much more effortless when you’re clear on these two. 
We’re going to explore what fears and feelings money brings up for you and what to do with them.
So they can stop getting in the way of you receiving enough money to feel serene. 
Then we’re going to explore self-trust and how it relates to you allowing the elements of career serenity.. 

Are you allowed dream clients? 
 Ideal projects?
 An effortless creative process? 
Abundant funds to create with? 
A serene work life?  
What percentage of the time?  
How about all the time? 
 Yeah- that snort of disbelief? - we’ll be diving into that too. .
"I think putting myself outside of my comfort zone on your course set me up perfectly for a year that’s been out of EVERYONE’s comfort zone. 
Learning from you how to really listen to and trust my intuition has been a complete gift this year and has helped me steer a much more positive course despite cancelled tours, postponed album releases and all manner of fuck-ups. 
I’ve allowed it to guide me and it’s not only brought me things I couldn’t have planned for, it’s given me a sense of satisfaction and achievement at the end of it."

Kerry, Music Manager

What I want for you
Kerry's feeling that she can trust herself...This is what I want for you too.
To feel that no matter what happens in the world or your industry you know what to do, you trust yourself and stay in inspired action. 
You can state your price, claim your worth and do the work that matters to you.
Come.  What.  May. 
That’s career serenity in action.  
That is what I KNOW you can create. 

Wisdom and Water: Money Serenity and Self-Worth Day Retreat

18th September 2024

How I will take you from underselling and under-earning to money serenity.
When you step into Wisdom and Water, you step into a joyful and easeful day in a beautiful setting.

In beautiful Bath, we will delve into the old stories that are stopping you from earning what you should and asking for what you're worth.

We will start doing the deep work that is necessary to transform what isn’t working into something that feels effortless and inevitable and good. 
The day is going to show you how getting there DOES NOT have to be gruelling, another hard thing added to your plate. 
It is safe, nurturing and serene. 
Throughout our lives we grow and perceive afresh places where we could trust ourselves more or allow more of what we want for ourselves in, we have to feel that doing this work is not going to exhaust us or deplete us. 
Come see. 
Come claim a bit of this gentle transformation space for yourself. 
Leave behind your day-to-day and step away from distractions. This is a day that will change how you feel, think and behave around money, pricing and your value for the rest of your life. 
"In December, at the Winter Solstice I [attended]  “Wisdom and Water”... at the Bath Thermae Spa ...
A deep dive into the soul almost; it enabled me to build my mindset for future growth and start 2024 with a sense of absolute certainty. My literal immersion in the waters of Bath is still helping me now.
I really valued the time I spent with Tamara."

Katie Lips, Eatiful

What is the investment?
Wisdom and Water is a full day retreat in beautiful Bath that incorporates focussed small group coaching with the settling, intuitive power of water.
The day retreat includes: 
  • A full day of  coaching in a small group
  • All materials
  • A space in a beautiful period hotel on the widest, grandest street in Bath
  • Lunch at the hotel plus refreshments 
  • Private group entry to the glorious and historic Cross Bath
  • A full hour floating meditation and release session to close the day
  • Refreshments and a glass of sparkling wine or fresh juice at the Cross Spa
And most importantly of all, a new story about your value and your earnings and the tools to reach money serenity. 
The Wisdom and Water September 2024 is an investment of £475.*
*Early-bird tickets are currently available for the special price of £410

Wisdom and Water: Money Serenity and Self-Worth Day Retreat

18th September 2024




Q. Who is Wisdom and Water for?

Wisdom and Water is for women, and non-binary people comfortable in female spaces. It is for women working in film, photography and music who want to feel consistently safe and confident about money, what they earn and feeling serene and deserving of it.


Q. Why Bath? Why travel?

Removing yourself from the everyday is a very important part of Wisdom and Water. Especially for freelancers, it is important to take yourself physically away from all the things that you have going on - work, family, home duties. This creates an atmosphere of possibility, opening you up to changing your internalised stories about money and earning and deserving . 


And why Bath? I have always found that water is a shortcut to change, to calm reevaluation, to intuitive shifts and to crystallising those small changes so that the internal work creates big, positive changes externally. Bath is full of beautiful, pure, grounding spring water and the Cross Bath especially, is a very special and ancient spring. And it’s toasty warm!


Q. What format does the day take?

Wisdom and Water will take place in the beautiful city of Bath. In the Number 15 Great Pulteney Hotel, Bath we will spend the day in a small group, working through our money stories, exploring our emotions, beliefs and behaviours around money and earning. We will use tried and tested methods that I have used over my 20 year coaching career to shift our beliefs about money and earning, and our sense of self worth and self-trust. Creating a small internal changes that have a huge impact externally over time. 

Then, to close, we will go to the beautiful Cross Bath, an ancient and sacred spring dedicated in Roman times to the Goddess Sulis Minerva (a goddess of wisdom) and take part in a floating meditation under the open sky.


Q. What should I bring?

A notebook and pen that you love and brings you joy (a new one maybe?), 

Comfortable clothes for the day. 

Swimwear you are happy to float in, and swim cap if you want to protect your hair.

There are showers on site, so maybe shower shoes. 

If you have a body moisturiser that feels luxurious and that you love, think about bringing that too to give yourself something luxurious to finish the day with after your float.

A fluffy towel and bathrobe will be provided at the spa.


Q. What are the timings?

Wisdom and Water takes place on Wednesday, 18th September 2024. We will commence in the morning (exact times will be sent to you when you book your place) at the Number 15 Great Pulteney Hotel, Bath and will finish in the evening at the Cross Bath, Thermae Spa.


Q. How do I book my place?

I am delighted you would like to join me for Wisdom and Water 2024. Follow the link below to book your place.


Q. Is travel included?

Travel is not included.


Q. How many people will be taking part?

There are just nine places available for the Wisdom and Water September 2024.


"Now the future seems safe to me, no matter what happens. I absolutely recommend Tamara’s coaching to everyone who is ready to have a new relaxed and creative working career. I didn’t know I could have one until I got it."

Pia Kuisma

Sublime Agency

Are you ready?
Are you prepared to step away from your limiting beliefs and step into money serenity? 

To always ask for your value and to receive it? 

To confidently know what you and your work are worth and to be completely ready to accept that amount, effortlessly and consistently? 

It’s time to be serene about your money and earning. 
Step into money serenity with me in Bath - Wisdom and Water: Money Serenity and Self-Worth Day Retreat 2024

Wisdom and Water: Money Serenity and Self-Worth Day Retreat

18th September 2024

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