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Wisdom and Water

Wisdom and Water

Create a vision for your next project, big step or career move.

Bath, UK

Water is a shortcut to intuition.

All the very best things happens when you start with a compelling vision (that speeds your heart, makes you skippy or warms you through in the best way) and then from there tease out the individual goals necessary to make the vision a reality. 


Vision for the future, vision for your next project, vision for the next big thing that you know is yours to be done.

The most transformative visions I have glimpsed have been courtesy of intuition.


Step into your intuition, create your vision, set your goals and step into an incredible 12 months. Effortlessly.


A day of coaching and water to give you practical tools to envision your next steps.

Who is this day for?

This is a day for people who are creating - creating art, creating change or helping others to create.


It is for people who want a reliable, repeatable way to envision what is next. And do it.

If you know there is something you dearly want, no need, to do this year but the picture of it is unclear or murky, this day is for you.

If you are finding yourself stuck in busy work that doesn't get the results you want and you want to break our of that cycle, this day is for you.

If you have a clear vision of what needs to happen but keep getting lost or distracted along the way to it, this day is for you.

This day is designed to be intimate, with a small group, no more than 9.

What will I leave the day with?

You will leave with practical tools that will help you connect to your intuition and use it to clear your vision - vision for the project you're longing to do, your next big step or the clarity around what you need to do in the year ahead.

You will leave with tools to create goals. Goals that will guide you along the way so you know you're making progress.

You will leave with the feeling of having taken a deep breath, relaxed shoulders, ready to step into what is next.


And then there's the water...

The Cross Bath at Thermae Bath Spa - An open air pool fed by a sacred spring.

The Cross Bath at Bath Thermae Spa is an official sacred site. This sacred spring was dedicated in Roman times to the goddess Sulis Minerva, a deity tied to the sun and to wisdom. Her energy will give us the perfect close to a day devoted to exploring and deepening your relationship with your inner wisdom, your connection to the collective wisdom of all life.


It is also an opportunity to release anything that is not in support of your best self, and to find your serenity and integrate what you’ve learned throughout the day. To begin to create the foundations for your intuitive practice that will give you your vision and help you set goals for years to come.

For those of you who are reluctant in water or find it difficult to float, I will be providing flothetta to support you.

The investment for this day long programme is £450.


This includes a full day of group coaching and practice, all materials, lunch and entry to the Cross Spa, as well as the finishing touch of champagne (or juice) and canapes at the beautiful Spa.


"I usually hate swimming pools and communal water! (But) I've definitely been channelling the sense of freedom and peace that I got by floating in the pool - my shoulders have softened, my breathing has opened up and I’ve been much calmer and more focussed since."


"Learning from you how to really listen to and trust my intuition has been a complete gift this year and has helped me steer a much more positive course despite cancelled tours, postponed album releases and all manner of f***-ups.  I’ve allowed it to guide me and it’s not only brought me things I couldn’t have planned for, it’s given me a sense of satisfaction and achievement at the end of it."

Kerry Harvey-Piper, Music Manager

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