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Wisdom and Water

A day for creatives and changemakers to connects you to your intuition and developing your own simple but powerful intuitive practice. 

Intuition can support us to understand and release what is no longer serving us. It helps us to create a clear vision for what we need and see opportunities that are truly for us. Effortlessly. The very best goal setting and planning happens when you start with a compelling vision. One that speeds your heart, makes you excited or warms you through from the inside out.

Wisdom and Water Spring 2023

 17th of May in the beautiful city of Bath


A full day of group coaching and practice with lunch at the hotel and entry to the Cross Spa. Finishing with a touch of champagne (or juice) and canapes at the beautiful Spa.


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Who is this for?

You want to make your best creative work (or to support others who

You want to make a difference.


You wants to make good money.


You want to stop peaking and troughing.


You want tools that will support you throughout your career

What will I achieve?

Establish what is yours to be done, so you can leave the rest to be handled on your behalf.

Achieve some real clarity about what you want


Start to allow. Allow yourself to trust your intuition and allow yourself to be supported so that you can grow into your biggest and best self.

Identify the blind spots and stopping points that have prevented you fully achieving
your goals in the past


Reduce the impact of resistance and old  patterns so you can take the inspired action steps that your intuition offers - no second guessing or getting stuck.

Trusting our intuition and following its guidance in big things or small ways helps us to model being supported. Elegantly supported. Getting the exact right support for us.

You’ll leave this day of working with your inner wise-self with insights, tools and the outline of a simple practice to connect to and receive guidance from your intuition and the understanding of how to apply this practice to bringing into being whatever you want to create in your life or career in the coming seasons.

This day is designed to be practical.  It’s going to be an intimate group. No more than 9.  You will leave with exercises completed to gain insight and practical tools to apply.  

You will leave knowing as much as I can fit into a day about working with your intuition in a way that works for you, so you can apply it to your wants and dreams and life. You will have time to ask questions about your specific challenges and the opportunity to learn from the challenges of others in this intimate group.

And then… there’s the water.

Support for all of us can look very different
Pool Ladder
Water is a conduit for intuition.


Most of us know this without evidence.  How often are we drawn to a bath or shower or river or sea view when we want to find solutions to thorny problems?  


But the intuitive connection goes deeper than that. The gentle uniform pressure of water holding us is a meditation all by itself. 

The Cross Bath at Bath Thermae Spa is an official sacred site. This sacred spring was dedicated in Roman times to the goddess Sulis Minerva, a deity tied to the sun and to wisdom. Her energy will give us the perfect close to a day devoted to exploring and deepening your relationship with your inner wisdom, your connection to the collective widsom of all life. It is also the opportunity to release anything that is not in support of your best self, and to find your serenity and integrate what you’ve learned throughout the day. To begin to create the foundations for your intuitive practice that will support you for years to come.

The retreat day experience with Tamara allowed me to focus on myself and to go through
all the things that I had in my mind so I could clearly see what was my challenge and
where I should focus. The VIP day...
was a clear step for me to realize that I was now working for my goals and my well-being.

The focus on developing and trusting my intuition has led to me to making such good
decisions. They are not always easy decisions but now I have courage to really trust my
inner voice. 

Saara Aalto – Singer and songwriter
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